a webcomic.


What Is This Website?

This is simply a fan webcomic based around Ryan Murphy's Glee and the Glee Project. Although the Glee Project will have more of an impact to this webcomic. There will be an over abundant used of the Homestuck art style throughout the webcomic. It's purely for aesthetics, there will absolutely not be any god-tiering or time travel shenanigans, but its not a promise. lol

For a preview of the webcomic's potential future content, feel free to look at first few pages on my TUMBLR SITE.

What Does The Cast Look Like?

The majorirty of this work is going to be centered around characters from the Glee Project, with the exception of any deceased or problematic IRL cast members. That being said, this webcomic will attempt to minimize appearances of characters based the Glee Project's Season One winners (Daimion, Samuel, Lindsay, & Alex). For more information about Poco A Poco's characters, please consider visiting the CAST PAGE.

How Can I Be Notified For Any New Pages / Content?

I currently do not have the capacity or know-how to create a notification system for anyone looking something like that.

However, I do offer you the UPDATES & NEWS pages as they will become my go to pages for any and all communication from me to y'all.

The UPDATES page will involve the addition of links to the webcomic's most recent pages. The NEWS page will involve mini blog posts regarding the ongoing development of this site and this webcomic.

What Are You Using To Create This?

I am literally using the bare minimum for this webcomic. I am using basic HTML and CSS coding for the website. For the pages, I am using a mix of ADOBE SPARK and VECTR. There's a ton of other resources I've had bumped into while making this.

For a full list of tools and properly credited resources, please visit my CREDITS PAGE and thank you for reading this far along.